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710 Litre Adblue Dispenser

710 litre adblue dispenser

Our Ecosure 710 litre Adblue dispenser, is manufactured in our UK factory using premium quality MDPE plastic (medium density polyethylene).

All dispensers come standard with an automatic nozzle, 6m delivery hose and lockable lid, for added safety. Safety is of high priority, so we offer our dispensers to have lockable lids. Our 710 litre Adblue dispenser makes it easier dispensing Adblue, as its unique shaped design can fit straight against the wall, using minimised space.

Our 710 litre Adblue dispenser is perfect for agricultural, industrial and commercial use.

710 litre adblue dispenser


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Dispenser benefits

  • Position anywhere
  • Easy to use pump & nozzle
  • Compact unit
  • Hinged lockable lid for security
Fuel Dispenser Features
  • Bunded Construction
  • Lockable Access
  • 12V Pump
  • 4m Delivery Hose
  • 2" BSP Stainless fill
  • Automatic Nozzle
  • Contents Gauge
  • Stainless Steel 'Y' Strainer
  • Bund Alarm
Optional extras
  • 12V Battery & Case
  • Battery charge
  • Automatic nozzle
  • 6m/8mDelivery Hose
  • Flowmeter
  • Truck fixing brackets
  • 710 litre adblue dispenser

    710 Litre Adblue dispenser details

    Dimensions H:1450mm x W:1000mm x D:1000mm
    Outlet -
    Fill Point 2" Stainless Steel Fill Point
    Weight 85kg
    Security Lockable Lid
    Capacity 710 litres / 156 gal








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