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1300 Litre Adblue Dispenser

1300 litre adblue dispenser

Manufactured from high quality MDPE pleastic, our Ecosure 1300 litre Adblue dispenser comes fitted with a 4m delivery hose and a manual nozzle, which is connected to a 12V/24V/230v pump that pumps at approx. 40L/min, making it ideal for you to easily and safely dispense adblue. 

Our 1300 litre adblue fuel dispenser, has been specially designed for you to dispense adblue. The parts and fittings used are neat and compact; this dispenser stores the hose and nozzle inside the lockable lid.



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Dispenser benefits

  • 4" inspection cap - Included
  • Lockable Lid - Included
  • 2" BSP fill point - Included
  • Manual nozzle - Included
  • 12v/24v/230v pump - Included

1300 Litre Adblue dispenser details

Dimensions H:1570mm x D:1430mm
Fill Point 2" BSP fill point
Weight 80kg
Security Lockable Lid
Capacity 1300 litres / 290 gal

Pump specification

Power supply 12
Max Current 25
Flow rate [l/min] 40
Working cycle S2-30min
Inlet - Outlet [BSP-G] 1" - 1"
Inner filter no
Allowed fluids urea, water
Forbidden fluids Gas, Gasoline, Alcohol, Diesel
Motor protection rating IP55
Cable 2 + battery and fuse clip
Knob yes






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